Denver Rent To Own Homes – New Program Works With Any Home For Sale!

Denver Rent To Own Homes For years, our team has received inquiries from buyers and renters looking for Rent To Own Homes in Denver. Prior to this year, we have been unable to help these clients for several reasons:

1.) The number of homes on the market offering Rent To Own (lease option) terms is always extremely limited.

2.) Because the Colorado Real Estate Commission has not approved any forms for lease option properties, our agents were not able to help clients purchase these types of homes.

3.) Rent To Own options have almost always been less desirable to sellers because of the inherent risk. With the highly competitive real estate market, Sellers see lease option contracts as a last resort.

However, we now have access to a program that will allow our clients to purchase ANY home that is for sale as a Rent To Own! This programs opens up the entire market to clients who had previously been looking for the proverbial “needle in a haystack.”

Check out our step-by-step guide to the Denver Rent To Own Program. Then give one of our agents a call and we can get you started today. This is an amazing program and we’re excited to tell everyone about it!

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