Rent to Own Homes in Denver

The high number of Denver foreclosures and short sales have taken their toll on many people’s credit scores. However, many of these past homeowners have a strong desire to rebuild their credit and get back on the road to home ownership. Because of this strong demand for rebuilding and repairing credit while working towards owning a home, our team receives dozen’s of calls and emails each month with buyers looking for Rent to Own Homes in Denver.

While the number of available rent to own homes in Denver is small, the numbers are increasing. Landlords aren’t stpid. They know that nothing makes for a better tenant that a tenant who wants to eventual own the home they are renting. They take care of the home like it’s their own and they make their payments on time.

One of the newer members of our team, Bryon Self, has been working with buyers looking at rent to own homes in Denver for over 15 years. His unique knowledge of mortgages and the rent to own challenges makes him the expert on this subject. If you’d like to learn more about potential rent to own homes or talk to Bryon in detail, you can reach him at 720-432-4RENT.

Remember, you don’t need perfect credit to rent to own. Bryon can walk you through the process and he will take the time to learn about your needs. Call him today.

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