Denver Foreclosures: Division of Housing Report Now Available

Some more good news that we want to highlight today. The Colorado Division of Housing report came out detailing Denver Foreclosures over the last several years. The entire report is worth a read (linked here) as there are some very interested numbers and details of how they impact the housing market.

Specifically, we wanted to draw attention to the section in the report that details the number of filing for Denver foreclosures in October of 2012 fell 20.0% when compared to October of 2011! That is a huge decrease and highlights in stunning detail one of the main reasons the housing inventory has been so low.

We keep repeating that our biggest challenge with buyers is finding available Denver homes for them. If you have considered selling your home, now is the best time in years, and you have very little competition! Give our team a call today to learn more about the market in your neighborhood: 303-726-1874.

More from the report, including a historical chart of Denver Foreclosures:

Denver Foreclosures


It should be noted that foreclosures for different areas are selling at different rates. For example, Littleton foreclosures are incredibly hard to find and winning bids can be 10% higher than list price, while some Aurora foreclosures can take much longer to sell. Give us a call and we can help you understand the area you are interested in: 303-726-1874




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