Douglas County Housing Shared Equity Program

Our team has been helping many, many buyers take advantage of some of the amazing financing deals available for buyers. There is the Fannie Mae Homes Homepath programs, the Denver HUD Homes $100 down programs, CHFA and now a program offered by Douglas County.

If you’re nterested, give us a call at 303-817-0209 and we can help you get started.

Here is the Basic Information:

Douglas County Housing Shared Equity Program

What is It?

Opportunity for homeownership in Douglas County through use of “Shared Equity” with the Housing Partnership. DCHP will provide an investment of up to 20% of the purchase price to first time homebuyers that currently live or work in Douglas County.

This investment will be a deferred loan which must be repaid upon sale or refinance of the home. At that time, the borrower must return the same investment percentage to DCHP based on the current fair market value.

Who is eligible?

  bullet First-Time Homebuyers including persons that have not owned a home in the previous 3 years, single parents that have owned prior with a spouse, and displaced homemakers.
  bullet Borrowers who currently live or work within the limits of Douglas County.

Borrower Responsibilities

  bullet Attend a free CHFA-approved First-Time Homebuyer Education Class
  bullet Secure a 30 year fixed rate mortgage with a maximum 45% debt to income ratio
  bullet Contribute $1,000 towards the purchase
  bullet Occupy the home as a primary residence
  bullet Meet with DCHP for approval, pay $100 application fee

 You can use this program to buy homes in Douglas County:

Highlands Ranch Homes

Parker Homes

Castle Rock Homes


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