Great Time to Buy Denver Distressed Properties:Denver Rents Increase Sharply

We’ve been helping many of our investment clients capitalize on the drastic increase in renatl rates across the Denver area. By locating the best deals on Denver Distressed properties (Denver foreclosures and short sales), we helped many investors who have previously targeted fix-and-flip homes, focus instead on buy-and-hold-homes.

By taking advantage of the incredibly low interest rates and the steady increase in rental rates, our investor clients have been realizing a great return on the money and a very positive cash flow. The Denver Business Journal recently ran an article detailing the rental increases and the vacancy rate decreases:

Rents at metro Denver apartments jumped 4.5 percent in the first quarter from a year earlier, the biggest year-over-year increase in a decade, according to a report Tuesday from the Apartment Association of Metro Denver .

Average rent for seven counties portion of metro Denver area stood at $952 in the first quarter, up from $911 in the first quarter of 2011, the report stated.

With vacancy rates continuing to drop, the rise in rents didn’t surprise the report authors, which include the Colorado Division of Housing.

If you have considered investing in Denver distressed properties, Denver short sales or Denver foreclosures, or would like to talk to our team of experts on the difference between fix-and-flip and buy-and-hold, give us a call at 303-726-1874. There is a huge opportunity right now for investors who make smart, informed decisions and take advantage of the rental rates and current vacancy numbers.





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