Rent to Own Homes in Denver: The Right Option For Some

We receive calls every week from buyers looking to Rent to Own Homes in Denver. Many of the buyers have had a Denver foreclosure or a short sale and need to clean up their credit. Others aren’t sure if they will be in the Denver area for a long period of time, but want to lock in the possibility of today’s prices in case they do stay long term.

The challenge with these properties is that they are difficult to find and most agents are not familiar with the process or procedures for helping these buyers. In an effort to make the search easier, we have a page on our website that lists all of the Rent to own homes in Denver and the surrounding areas. All of these homes are listed in the MOS with the option for a buyer to purchase the home with a lease option.

Again, there are many extra steps to a transaction of this type, but for the right buyer, in the right situation, it may make sense. Give our team of experts a call today to see what the right choice is for you. With all of the deals on Denevr foreclosures and the $100 down program on Denver HUD homes, rent to own may not be smartest way to go. But if it is, we can help you every step of the way. Give us a call at 303-726-1874 today and we can educate you on all of the options for rent to own homes in Denver.

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