Renting To Own In Denver – This Is How It’s Done

Up until now, finding Rent To Own Homes in Denver has been a huge challenge. Typically you have to find: 1.) A home in an area you want to live, 2.) That matches your wants and needs and 3.) Has a Seller who has the means and desire to rent the home to you with an option to purchase. As of this posting, there are only 78 homes in the entire MLS that match these criteria. The odds of any of those homes matching your needs is very, very slim.

However, our team works with an Investor that has the ability to let you choose any home in the MLS as a Rent To Own home. They will buy the home, set out the terms and rent it to you allowing you the ability to purchase it at the end of the lease.

While several of these programs exist, most require 7%-10% as a down payment by the renter. That is a HUGE sum of many and is cost prohibitive to most people. However, The investor we use requires a deposit equal to 2 months rent when the home is selected, and then normal rent payments once you move in. Not much more than a typical lease with a standard deposit.

We have successfully helped clients with this program, and would love to talk to you about it in detail. You can reach us at 303-726-1874.

Denver Rent To Own Homes



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