Denver Homes for Sale Rank 2nd in Nation for Days on Market

We’ve been blogging about the rapidly decreasing inventory of Denver homes for sale for months now. Over the past few weeks, it looks like the media is starting to pay attention. Today, the Denver Post ran a front page article on the Denver home market boasting the second fastest days on market in the country.

From The Denver Post:

Metro Denver’s real estate market, not long ago a buyer’s domain, suddenly has shifted to a seller’s paradise, at least in some neighborhoods and price ranges.

Realtors’ offices are rife with fresh anecdotes of sellers happily cherry-picking from multiple offers — some of them above the asking price.

How fast is the market moving? A new report shows that Denver is No. 2 in the nation for the shortest length of time that a home is listed before being sold — 33 days — far below the national median of 89 days.

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The entire article is worth a read. It notes that there are many Denver foreclosures that have not been released by the banks. It remains to be seen how this inventory will affect the market.

In addition, this article points out, as we continue to emphasize, certain neighborhoods are impacted more than others by this decreased inventory. We always recommend having your agent do a detailed analysis of the neighborhood market before making any offers. If you’d like to have our team prepare one for you, or if you just have questions about Denver homes for sale, give us a call at 303-726-1874.

As a reminder, we’re seeing most Denver foreclosures, especially Denver HUD homes, sell even quicker than the average. In addition, these homes typically receive multiple offers. If you are serious about buying a home, make sure you have our team set you up on our daily foreclosure email alerts.





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